Seminar in DDIY Digital Solution Day for F&B Industry

Under HKSAR Budget Speech 2023-24, the Government has allocated HK$500 million towards a “Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme (數碼轉型支援先導計劃)”.  This funding aims to subsidize local SMEs in Retail and F&B industries in implementing ready-to-use basic digital solutions.  As soon as the funding details are launched later this year, we anticipate there will be an upsurge in market demand for such kind of digital solutions.

To facilitate the industry practitioners to get ready for the funding, Digital DIY Portal 數碼不求人平台 is going to organize 2 Digital Solution Day for F&B industries on 21 November 2023 (Tue), covering i) the funding introduction by the Funding Secretariat and ii) showcase of digital solutions under the designated funding scope (i.e. Online Promotion, Point of Sale (POS) & Payment System and Customer Management & Discount System). 

Digital DIY Portal (數碼不求人平台, DDIY Portal) was launched in July 2022, with the aim of bridging the industries with ready-to-use digital solutions for convenient digital transformation.  We regularly co-organize industry engagement events with leading industry associations to showcase the useful digital solutions and relevant customer success cases for the industry’s interests and practical use. (Previous events ref: F&B Digital Solution Fair in Nov 2022, Retail Digital Solution Fair in Feb 2023, GBA Digital Solution Fair in Jun 2023).