What is BEE ePass?

The BEE ePass is a free account, it allows the users using a single user ID and password to access and manage HKPC related funding application systems instead of having to maintain different user login details. Users can bind the dedicated funding systems and register for new funding applications through the BEE ePass which can pass your existing company details to pre-fill the registration form. 

Any organisational applicant with a Business Registration (BR) or the Certificate of Incorporate (CI) will be eligible to register for a BEE ePass user account to access the designated Government funding digital application platforms.


Who is eligible?

Holders of BR or CI

Hong Kong entity with the Business Registration (BR)

Hong Kong registered entity holds a valid Business Registration (BR) issued by the Business Registration Office of the Inland Revenue Department of The Government of the HKSAR.

Hong Kong entity with the Certificate of Incorporation (CI)

Hong Kong registered entity holds a valid Certificate of Incorporate (CI) issued by the Company Registry of The Government of the HKSAR.

Hong Kong entity without the Business Registration (BR) or Certificate of Incorporation (CI)

User of designated fund management system

Applicant/grantee who is the digital service user of designated fund management systems with valid application number.

Applicant/grantee who does not have registered digital services account on designated fund management system.

Applicant/grantee who registered for digital services on designated fund management systems but does not have application number, i.e. no application has been submitted in fund management system.

What can I access with BEE ePass?

Six funding schemes’ fund management system implemented by the HKPC, including Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD), Patent Application Grant (PAG), Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-party Logistics Service Providers, Recycling Fund, Smart Traffic Fund (STF), Technology Voucher Programme (TVP).

The BEE ePass service is managed by a Principal Account Holder holding the access right to oversee and manage the account, who shall be delegated by an organisational applicant. The Principal Account Holder can get access the BEE ePass service to perform authentication through BEE ePass to bind and unbind funding scheme account(s) in BEE ePass service, manage funding scheme account, apply new funding schemes.

Other funding schemes / programmes which do not connect to BEE ePass service, will not be available for the access of BEE ePass.