Technology Voucher Programme

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Launched in November 2016, TVP aims to support local enterprises/organisations in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes. 

Highlight of Funding Scope

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TVP Enhancement Measures

From 13 Jun 2022

Two Factor Authentication was added to TVP System in order to empower the cyber protection of the applicant’s information

From 01 May 2022

Applicant of new application can use the TVP System for providing clarification and supplementary documents

From 10 Nov 2021

Online booking of funding agreement signing is available for approved applicants

From 08 Jun 2021

The ITC has appointed the HKPC as the Secretariat of the TVP

From 14 Aug 2020

Related entities are no longer treated as one single entity for the purpose of calculating the cumulate funding amount under the TVP

From 01 Apr 2020

Funding ratio and funding ceiling was increased from 2/3 and $400,000 to ¾ and $600,000

From 12 Oct 2022

Launch the TVP ePROQ platform to further optimise customer service excellence of applicants for wider selection of service providers at more competitive prices, and to enable more service providers to have access to Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) projects for which they could potentially offer their services.

Our Pledge

To make available assessment result of a Technology Voucher Programme application within 60 working days upon receipt of full information including necessary supporting documents from the applicant

Our Achievement in the Past Month (November 2023): 99.8%