Technology Voucher Programme

Digital Signing

Digitally Sign your TVP Funding Agreement with “iAM Smart+”.


The TVP Secretariat has integrated with “iAM Smart” platform to offer Digital Signing service for funding agreement signing. The Secretariat understands that digital signing of legal and financial documents has become a trend as standard business practice. Therefore, it has launched the option of using the "iAM Smart+" digital signing service for successful TVP applicants to digitally sign the funding agreements. Signatories can choose to complete the TVP funding agreement signing in a more efficient manner.



Digital Signing with Legal Backing

Digital Signing function is provided under the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap. 553). “iAM Smart+” account user can make use of iAM Smart-Cert to perform digital signing function, which has legal backing for handling statutory documents and procedures.

Secure and Reliable

“iAM Smart+” Digital Signing service only involves the relevant signer of the document without involving third-partycoordination or support. The “iAM Smart” platform adopts encryption technologies for protection of data security.

Efficient Digital Signing & Promote Environmental Friendliness

Digital Signing allows signatories to verify their identity remotely and sign documents with legal backing in a digital format, providing an efficient contactless digital experience. This also reduce the use of paper and minimizing the impact on the environment.

How to use "iAM Smart+" Digital Signing for TVP Funding Agreement Signing?

Applicants need to download and install the "iAM Smart" mobile app, register or upgrade as "iAM Smart+" users, in order to use its digital signing function for the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) funding agreement.

Step 1:

Login to the TVP system in the “My application” page and click the “Agreement Signing Booking”.

Step 2:

Select [“iAM Smart” Signing] in the “Agreement Signing Booking” page, fill-in required information of the signer and enterprise or organization and upload the required documents.

Step 3:

Once the information submitted are verified by the Secretariat, the signer will receive a notification email. Click the URL in the email and enter verification code to log into the TVP system and proceed to the funding agreement signing.

Step 4:

After login to the TVP system, the signer is required to review the draft of the funding agreement and relevant documents. If the documents are correct, click “I have read and accept the agreement terms and conditions”.

Then, press the “Confirm to Proceed Digital Signing” button. Signer is required to complete the signing of three documents within 24 hours.

1.Funding Agreement

2.Application Form

3.Authorisation Form , authorising Innovation and Technology Commission and Hong Kong Productivity Council to apply for publishing project information on the website of Innovation and Technology Fund

Step 5:

Click the “Signing with iAM Smart” button, follow the instruction and open “iAM Smart” mobile app in your mobile phone.

Click “Open iAM Smart” button on the computer, follow the instruction and scan the QR code shown on the computer to perform signing.


Step 6:

When a “tick” appears, it means that the document has been successfully signed. Please press “OK” to proceed to sign the second and third document.


Step 7:

Signer may download the Signed Agreement and relevant documents after three documents have been signed.


1.What is "iAM Smart"?

"iAM Smart" is a free account that can be enjoyed by all Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID Card) holders aged 11 or above. It allows users to perform authentication through personal mobile phones and log in as well as use the government and commercial online services. For details of “iAM Smart”, please click here.


2. What is "iAM Smart+"?

"iAM Smart" account is available in two versions, namely "iAM Smart" and "iAM Smart+". The "iAM Smart" version has authentication, form-filling and personalized notifications functions, while the "iAM Smart+" version has the digital signing function in addition. For details of “iAM Smart+”, please click here.


3. Where can I register for “iAM Smart” and “iAM Smart+”?

Please click here for details of registration of “iAM Smart” and “iAM Smart+”.


4. How do I check if I have “iAM Smart+”?

When you open and login the “iAM Smart” app, you will see the following “iAM Smart+” logo:

5. I have input a wrong one-time verification passcode. Can I request to resend the verification code?

Yes, you can request to re-send a new verification passcode to your email address by click on “Resend” button.