General FAQ

The HKPC is commissioned to implement the designated government’s funding schemes to provide all round secretariat services, which generally cover application assessment, project monitoring, funding disbursement, as well as promotional activities organisations, etc.

Most of the funding schemes accept applications all year round, except those schemes that indicate application deadlines. Please click here to visit the funding schemes page to learn more. 

No. Applicants can apply for the funding on their own. You may wish to learn more details before submitting your application, please visit Funding schemes.

Please visit the Funding schemes page for more details. 

Please visit the Funding schemes page to learn more details, and you may also visit the Eligibility Check Kiosk to take a 3 minutes test to learn your eligibility of applying the funding schemes.

You may click the Funding schemes page or visit respective funding scheme websites to obtain the contact details. Each funding scheme has its designated hotline(s) to receive telephone inquiries during office hours.

You may click here to select the related funding scheme pages or visit the Contact Us to obtain the contact details. 

There are application samples and/or demo video(s) available for your reference, please visit the Funding schemes website for quick access to the information.