Recycling Fund (RF)


Sorry, you are not eligible for applying for the Recycling Fund.

Eligible applicants must fulfil the following criteria:

Enterprise Support Programme (ESP)
Enterprise Support Programme (ESP) - Standard Project (SP)
Enterprise Support Programme (ESP) - Relocation Rental Support Project (RRSP)
Enterprise Support Programme (ESP) - Solicitation Theme on Projects from New and Start-up Enterprise (SUP)

- With Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate Registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance Cap. 310;
- With at least 1 year of experience in recycling related operation; or
- Local manufacturers who have been using local recyclables as raw materials to make plastic or paper products or qualified school lunch suppliers (if applying for SP); or
- With at least 1 year of experience occupying the existing operation sites (if applying for RRSP); or
- Newly set up or established for not more than 5 years (if applying for SUP);
- With substantive business operations in Hong Kong documentary proof required, e.g. Mandatory Provident Fund pay records, tax returns, commercial contracts, invoices, etc.

Industry Support Programme (ISP)
Industry Support Programme (ISP) - Solicitation Theme: Supporting Residential Buildings in Adopting Smart Bins Technology (RSB)

- Local registered non-project-distributing organisations, such as trade and industry organisations, professional bodies or research institutes; or
- Resident's organisation, e.g. the Incorporated Owners registered under the Building Management Ordinance Cap. 344, or Owners' Committee, or property management company (if applying for RSB)

Details on eligibility of applicants:
Guide to Application - Enterprise Support Programme (ESP)
Guide to Application - Industry Support Programme (ISP)

You are not eligible to apply for the Recycling Fund. Please consider other SME funding schemes.