HKPC Launched Government Funding Scheme Mobile App: “BEE@HKPC”

Latest feature story to introduce how BEE@HKPC Mobile App support Hong Kong enterprises to grasp and explore opportunities.

The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) has been a trusted partner of the industry and the government, and acts as an implementer to provide professional secretariat services for 11 Government’s funding schemes, HKPC is committed to providing one-stop government funding program information and application platforms through professional knowledge and services, implementing digitalisation to assist enterprises in upgrading and transforming.

Following the launch of the "BIZ Expands Easy (BEE)" - a one-stop platform and "BEE ePass" in 2022, HKPC has recently launched "BEE@HKPC" mobile application which allows users to browse the Government funding schemes at fingertips and encourage to make good use of the "BEE".

Features of "BEE" and "BEE ePass":

  • The "BEE" platform provides self eligibility check kiosk, allowing users to review their own company status and business development needs, as well as understand the funding objectives, scope, and application requirements, and self-evaluate their eligibility for application.
  • The "BEE ePass" service allows the users to access and manage HKPC related funding application systems with a single user ID and password. The platform can also pre-fill the registration form, saving time in filling out duplicate information and streamlining the entire application process.

Since its launch, "BEE" has recorded over 300,000 cumulative pageviews and has been providing the latest news and information on funding schemes. Currently, it has provided information for up to 20 government funding schemes, covering a wide range of industries and business sectors. "BEE" platform also won the "Websites: Microsite" Honors Award at the 2023 Astrid Awards hosted by MerComm, Inc., the innovative design of the platform was highly recognised.

HKPC recently launched the "BEE@HKPC" mobile application which allows users to browse and explore government funding schemes on mobile devices, user can also make appointments with HKPC for consultation services to get deeper understanding of the program details. The "BEE@HKPC" mobile application also supports users to check the application status and relevant information of government funding schemes by login to their "BEE ePass" account, managing different applications anytime, anywhere.

Ms. Vivian Lin, Chief Operating Officer of HKPC, said: I am glad that the "BEE@HKPC" mobile application has received an overwhelming response since launch. We hope to encourage more SMEs to download our BEE@HKPC mobile application, so that "BEE" can be a good helper for enterprises to apply government funding schemes, and inspire the industry to make good use of government resources, upgrade and transform business processes, and improving cost-effectiveness. HKPC will continue to support with professional customer service spirit to benefit more SMEs!

Learn more on the feature story (Traditional Chinese Only):生產力局推出「BEE@HKPC」資助易手機應用程式
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