BEE Launches New Facebook Page to Facilitate SMEs' Exchange and Sharing of Government Funding Information

BIZ Expands Easy Facebook page was officially launched today (May 20, 2024). This coincides with "World Bee Day", an annual event aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinating insects in maintaining ecological balance.

Through this social media platform, Biz Expands Easy (BEE) hopes to connect government departments, industry associations, and applicants of government funding schemes, building a beehive-like network. This will provide Hong Kong's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with another easier-to-access platform to discover government funding resources and facilitate discussion. The platform will regularly release application tips for government funding schemes, share successful case studies, and announce the latest event news to help SMEs stay informed of the latest funding support information and assist them in properly utilising government funding to enhance their competitiveness.

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