PAG Free Webinar: Things you need to know before applying for a patent

Do you have many innovative ideas yet don’t know how to realise them? How do you turn your ideas into real and valuable assets? What are the benefits of applying for a patent? After applied for a patent, can the technology/product be manufactured or used safely without risk of any infringement? Is it possible to apply for a global patent?

In this webinar, representatives from HKPC will answer the above questions and share the fundamental knowledge about patents, including types of patents, application procedures, and introduction to Hong Kong and PCT patent applications. We will also introduce the "Patent Application Grant" (PAG), a HK$250,000 government funding scheme to assist local companies and individuals apply for patents for their inventions!

If you are interested in knowing more about patent applications or Patent Application Grant, please register now!

Date:17 November 2023 (Friday)
Time:3PM to 3:45PM
Format: Webinar

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