TPLSP Webinar – RFID Logistics Solutions and Smart Fleet Management System

Funding ratio raised to 2:1
Up to HK$1 Million Government Funding
Excel Your Industry Achievement by Innovation & Technology

Looking for technology solutions to upgrade your business? We are here to help. The HKSAR Government can now offer a 2:1 matching grant of up to HK$ 1 million for your technology purchase. The “Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-party Logistics Service Providers” (the Pilot Scheme) aims to encourage wider technology adoption in the logistics sector. Applications are open all year round.

To learn more about the Pilot Scheme and its latest updates, simply enroll online to join this free webinar. Technology service providers are invited as speakers to share their insights on how technology adoption can enhance logistics operations and productivity. REGISTER NOW!

Date: 19 May 2023

Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Mode: Online Boardcast

Language: Cantonese


The webinar was finished.

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