BEE ePass Security and Privacy


  • BEE ePass adopts strong credential management and enforces multi-factor authentication upon user login. 
  • BEE ePass service performs existing business processes to verify the eligibility of the service. 
  • Data will always be encrypted whilst at rest. 
  • The BEE ePass registration application only accepts text data and will not accept files / binary. 
  • All exposed web and system interfaces are secured using secure HTTP channel (HTTPS/TLS). 


  • The BEE ePass registration does not store any data unless essential to the required business functionality.
  • Configuration policies are applied to restrict outbound transfer of data except via the BEE ePass registration application.
  • The Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Personal Data Collection Statement are available for reading and acceptance before the BEE ePass service registration. For details, please visit.