Distance Business Programme

To oversee the implementation of the Programme, the Government has established the Distance Business Programme Vetting Committee (Vetting Committee). Members of the Vetting Committee are appointed by the Secretary for Innovation and Technology for a term from 28 April 2020 to 30 April 2023. 


Commissioner for Innovation and Technology 


Prof Chan Chun-kwong 
Mr Vincent Chan Wing-shing, M.H. 
Mr Francis Fong Po-kiu 
Ms Susanna Shen Shuk-ching 
Mr Wilson Wong Ka-wai 
Mr Gary Yeung Man-yui, M.H. 
Ir Peter Yeung Tin-chung 

Ex-officio member: 

Deputy Government Chief Information Officer 

Terms of Reference 

  1. To advise on the lists of IT solutions and Service Providers; 
  2. To advise on the vetting procedures and assessment criteria for applications for funding; 
  3. To advise whether applications for funding should be approved, the amount to be granted to each approved project, the terms and conditions for approving funds and the measures in monitoring the disbursement of funds; and 
  4. To evaluate the effectiveness of the Programme.